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  1. Enable TRIM with LVM and LUKS on ArchLinux

    Fri 10 October 2014
    By momo

    To allow linux to issue discards through lvm and luks a few steps need to be performed.
    I'm running the following setup:

    |__sda1 /boot
        |___ LUKS
             |_____ LVM
                    |___ /
                    |___ /home
                    |___ ...

    Therefore the discards need to be issued through the filesystem, the LVM and the LUKS ...

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  2. Cisco SG500: Use stack ports as SFP ports

    Mon 07 July 2014
    By momo

    We recently bought a Cisco SG500 at work as we needed a cheap switch with 4x SFP Interfaces.
    In the default configuration the SG500 only offers 2 SFP Ports for networking, the other 2 are used for stacking and they don't show up in show interface status. Howsoever if ...

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  3. A small writeup on CVE-2013-3572

    Wed 26 February 2014
    By momo

    Quite a while ago I got to toy around with some ubiquiti UAP Pros, awesome, cheap, performant WiFi Access Points.
    As I missed the last train home from my hackerspace I began to toy around, always on the hunt for a little exploit.
    Webinterface Exploits(XSS, SQL Injections or what ...

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  4. Using Unsupported SFP+ Modules With FreeBSD

    Fri 15 November 2013
    By momo

    If an error like this shows up in your logfiles:

    ix0: <Intel(R) PRO/10GbE PCI-Express Network Driver, Version - 2.5.15>
    ix0: Unsupported SFP+ Module

    I might be able to help.
    It’s not as straight forward as with linux, but we’ll make it work.
    First off we ...

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